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GriD architects pc

“any interconnecting system of links” – world english dictionary

there are many definitions of the word grid, but when we decided to name the firm this one was the most resonant.  at first it is a link between our two names… Grieb + Dearie = GriD.  beyond that it is fundamentally a framework, a construct, a system of links.  but we see it in its most broad terms, not simply as a piece of graph paper, or even a cube, but as the realization, an understanding of the connectivity between all things.  like neo and morpheus in the matrix we believe the possibility of this connectivity is unlimited if you understand the rules.  we understand this involves the fourth dimension of time.  connectivity expands and changes by the second.  the world wide web is a grid.  the universe itself is based on a magical framework of cells and particles.  there are strands and orbits and imperceptable connections.  even our understanding of this is evolving daily.  scientists have been studying particals for centuries and just recently found neutrinos that can exceed the speed of light, changing the face of physics forever.

so the creation of this firm, GriD, is a point of departure.  simply a single point on this endless web.  we are reaching out, or if you like, reaching in to find the connections… for a new beginning each time we begin a project at any scale.  we learn from the past, but are open to the future.  maybe we’re a little like the spider on the web…

GriD is a firm dedicated to this interconnectivity.  we are eager collaborators with our clients, other design professionals, engineers, artists, scientists… whoever has a similar interest in making the world a better place through making.  we care deeply about our profession as architects and value the use of our hands.  our work strives to balance the art of design with the craft of building.  and our work seeks to be a result of this incredible throbbing network of people, places, and ideas while always focusing on courage and truth, wherever those evasive concepts may be found.