107 forbes

1801_RN_038 forbes.jpg

107 Forbes is a proposed office building located along Rowe Blvd, the gateway to Annapolis’ historic core.  The footprint matches the demolished building and utilizes the previous split level design to maximize floor to ceiling heights while staying within the city’s strict development guidelines; allowing guests to enter from the street onto a raised platform before descending to the primary level or entering into the concealed stair that takes them up to the second level with views out through a conference room and adjoining balcony.  The textured metal facade of the designs upper level replicates the repetition of the shadows found on the existing shingled structure and its transparency connects the building to the city’s sail making history. 


West Annapolis, MD


4,000 sqft

1632_SP_037 Rowe Blvd Elevation small 2.jpg

Coming soon!

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1632_DI_012 Section Existing vs Proposed - Section.jpg
1801_RN_037 lobby.jpg